Name: DK-7F Automatic Car Wash For Sale With Best Quanlity
Model: DK-7F

DX-7F is thefirst unattended car washing machine in China with world top technology. It is visual perception imaging function can balance safety and clearness,owns more functions and intelligent automation with high-speed has been the development trend.


Technical parameters:

Machine size:
2000*3500*3000 mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight: 2000 kg
Rail length: 10000 mm
Washable car size: 5200*1950*2000 mm(L*W*H)
Washing time: 4-6 min/car Working air pressure: 0.8 Mpa
Water consumption: 80-100liters per car
Power supply & consumption: 380 V, 50 HZ, 3 phases,4 wires
Space between Tracks(mm): 3245 mm
Max water consumption: 120-160 L for each car

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

1.Controlled by intelligentized computer with the functions of automatic

inspecting, moving, spraying, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis.

2.Apply for many models of automobiles such as car, microbus and jeep.

3.Water recycling device optional. With the function of environment protecting

and water saving.

4.Gantry structure.


1.Introduce advanced technical from Italy ,European type streamline design, not

only good look but also with reliable safety.

2.Main components from world famous manufacturers, high reliability, long using


3.Power saving, low operation cost.

4.Dried by four sets fans, could make the car dry rapidly.

5.5Brushes, 4 drying blowers, with shampoo system and wax system. And 3

brushes, 2 drying blowers, chassis cleaner and water recycling system as optional.

Accessories and Parts List:

Standard parts Quantity Remarks
Shampoo sprinkling system 1 set available
Water wax sprinkling system 1 set available
Shape drying system 1 set available
High pressure water device 1 set available
Vehicle bottom wash 1 set available
Wheel hub brush system 2 set available
Intelligent equipment data     available
Fault self-detection     available
Frame 1 set

ZAM (Zinc, aluminium, 

magnesium alloy)

Electronic control system 1 set MK cabinet
Wearproof walking system 4 set  available
Foam Brush 5 available
Walking motor 2 TSUBAKI
Fan electric motor     Toshiba
Brush speed control motor 5 SKK
Air cylander     KOGANEI/TAIYO
Photoelectric sensor 8 pair OMRON
Water pump     GRUNDFOS
Signal receiver and output     MK SEIKO
IP67 waterproof electric motor 5 set SKK
Contactor     Mitsubishi
Hot protective relay     Mitsubishi
Magnetic valve     CKD/SMC/Koganei
Frequency converter     Toshiba


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