Name: DK-B2/B3 Automatic bus wash machine introduction
Model: DK-B2/B3

At the public transportation sysetems’requirement on bus wash fast andtimely,we have developed the automatic over bus wash machine with 2 brushes and 3 brushes,also pass type bus wash with 3brushes,4brushes and 5brushes.We have change the past on bus wash with the disadvantage of the behind design,short-life,high failure rate,single function and bad wash effects.Which was regarded as one ideal bus wash model, deeply love by the customer home and abroad.


Specification and Data

Overall dimensions 2150x4680x5200MM Water supply Dn25mm/Waterflow rate≥120L/min
Assembling range 21000x5200MM Mains voltage 3P AC380V/50HZ
Moving range 21000x5200MM Air pressure 0.75-0.9Mpa,7.5-9kgs/cm²,Airflow rate≥0.1m³/min
Assembling requirment Error levelness<10MM Rail parallel<10MM Water consumption 220-500L/car
Washing time 12-15buses/hour Shampoo consumption Foam:25-30ml/Car


The available equipment to install for DK-B2/B3 Automatic bus wash machine

Vehicle bottom sprinkling system,Prewashing systems,Vehicle side sprinkling system,wheel wash machine,car vacuum cleaner,water recyling systems.


The main features(advantages)for DK-B2/B3 Automatic bus wash machine

1.Technology from japan and service in china,with a leading technology in the world.

2.Top end,amazing model and high grade.

3.Fully automatic car washing,can save more labor cost.

4.Engrgy and water saving,lowest use-cost at the same line on car wash.

5.The high cost performance for more than 15 year long life use.

6.Safety use with stable and reliable performance.

7.Very easy to use and maintain.

8.The low failure rate for the main parts imported from abroad.

9.With its own failure rate for the main parts imported form abroad.

10.With its own fault identification code, the break down can be recognized and removed easily.

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